The New Jersey Colonials officially close out the 2021-22 season by announcing the award recipients for each team in the Youth Tier 1 and Tier 2 programs.


Eddie Karpinski, 18U AA – Boys Charette Award Winner

The “Charette Award,” goes to the outstanding Boys and Girls graduating senior. George Charette was a founder of the Morris County Youth Hockey League and coached for the New Jersey Colonials for many years.


The Ray Murray Achievement Award (Boys) goes to players demonstrating the values shown by former Colonial, Ray Murray: hard work, determination, team spirit, good sportsmanship, discipline, and leadership were selected by their coaches.  Ray Murray, was a founding member of the New Jersey Colonials who served as a coach and Board Member.   He was a prominent figure in New Jersey hockey, having started the Morris County Colonials.   Ray embodied the true essence of sportsmanship and promoted strong personal values that serve as the foundation for this award.


18U AA – James Royse

“Well deserving of this award, James exemplifies what this award stands for along with the values that Ray Murray believed in himself as a coach. James has played at the Tier 1 level for the New Jersey Colonials and also played Tier 2 at the 18AA level for his final two seasons of youth hockey under coaches Brendon Herr and Mike Braviak. “James has been a tremendous player for us the last two years, but more importantly, an even better person to work with. He has an unbelievable work ethic, both on and off the ice and was a player that set an example for his teammates. His leadership was a big part of our success the last two seasons, making it to the NJYHL playoffs both years and we cant thank him enough for that. We wish him nothing but the best moving forward in his academic and athletic career and he will certainly be missed next season.”– Coach Brendon Herr

16U National Premier AAA – Jack Fidacaro

“Jack Fidacaro has been part of our team for the past two seasons.  He has exuded great leadership and character consistently throughout this time.  He has made great individual strides as well as leading the team unselfishly, always having the best interests of the team and the people beside him. – Coach Ilya Yavtuhovich

16U AA – Kyle Piechnik

“Kyle served as a valued leader for the New Jersey Colonials 16AA team, where he demonstrated a true caring for his team, and a commitment to a team first mindset. Kyle is well respected by his teammates, the coaching staff, and our opponents. Throughout the season, Kyle could always be counted on as an individual.

He has an unwavering sense of right and wrong, and a strong commitment to doing the best job he possibly can, and a work ethic that has enabled him to achieve both individual and team goals. Kyle is a young man of high integrity and standards who puts everything into the tasks he unde1takes. Kyle is a top-notch individual and one of the ve1y best the New Jersey Colonials have to offer.” – Coach Ryan Carter

14U Major 2007 AAA – Jacob Wachtel

“Jacob Wachtel has made huge improvement in his personal game.  Tapping into his potential and reflecting positively on his teammates with his hard effort and discipline.  An unselfish player who always puts his team first. – Coach Ilya Yavtuhovich

14U Minor 2008 AAA – Brody Hansen

14U A American – Mason Heilmann

“Mason Heilmann.  Mason is a leader amongst his teammates both on and off the ice.  He leads by example in his work ethic, love of the game, and competitive drive.  Mason is consistently positive, encouraging his teammates when they are down and cheering them on when they make big plays.  While these attributes could be said of a few other leaders on our team, what set Mason apart was the work and fundraising he once again participated in for the October Saves Goalie Challenge.  The October Saves Challenge is a program whereby goalies seek donations for cancer research based on the number of saves they make in the month of October. He put the work in to seek pledges and then in the month of October made 127 saves and raised nearly $2000!!  – Coach Amanda Linklater

12U Major 2009 AAA – Grayson Goldman

12U Minor 2010 AAA – Thomas Ferrara

12U A National – Owen Chandler

“Owen Chandler attended every practice and game this year.  He is committed to the team and a pleasure to coach. – Coach Brendon Herr

10U Major 2011 AAA – Anthony Giroux

“Center Anthony Giroux is a natural leader and lives our core values day in and day out of being a good teammate, competing hard, thinking fast and being fast.  Anthony is one of our trusted players that executes whatever task the coaches give him.  Anthony is respected by his teammates and has earned this honor. – Coach Ryan Williams

10U Minor 2012 AAA – Mateo Giroux

“Mateo’s hard work and toughness make him a leader on the team. His skill, determination and grit are all qualities that make Mateo a pleasure to coach. His teammates can always count on him to show up and give 100 percent.  His actions speak louder than his words and his lead by example approach are what make him a team leader.  He works hard in practice and in games at all times.   He is tough as nails, and is a team first player. He is loved by his teammates and is the one who always picks his teammates up whether it is in practice or a game. Mateo is a coachable kid who buys into a team first mentality.”  — Coach Jon Scorsune

10U Minor 2012 AAA – Zachary Cohen

“Zachary was another leader on the team. Not only was he a talented goalie but he had a great attitude whether in a win or a loss. He had a positive attitude and worked extremely hard. He continued to improve and was the backbone to our success.  While his performance was impressive, his attitude was even more impressive. He is everything you want in a goalie, competitive, hard worker and a calm demeanor. He always had the right demeanor and never got frustrated or down on a teammate. His lead by example approach and right attitude was infectious across the team.  It has been a pleasure to coach Zachary and he has a bright future ahead.”  — Coach Jon Scorsune

10U AA – Cameron Book

“Cameron is one of the leaders of the team and shows up with focus and a positive attitude every day.  He is a selfless player, works hard and emits good sportsmanship, setting a good example for others to follow.  Perhaps most importantly, he is a good teammate and loyal to them, routinely congratulating line mates on a job well done, as well as actively participating in locker room and practice discussions.  He is a coachable player, absolutely loves to play the game of hockey and works very hard training off the ice.  He made incredible contributions to the team this season and was a huge part of its success.  Congratulations Cameron on a fantastic season!”  — Coach DJ Book

10U B National – Jon Hanson

“At such a young age, Jon possesses characteristics that will make him a captain one day.  He truly exemplifies what you look for in a hockey player: hard work, a team player, and a player’s player”  — Coach Bill Katinsky

8U Gold – Jackson Riczko

“With a great attitude, tremendous skill and dedicated sportsmanship, Jackson was very deserving for this year’s Ray Murray Award.  Jax loves supporting his teammates on the ice and in the DJ booth of the locker room. His defensive prowess, unselfish play and teamwork led the team to many victories.   Congratulations Jax!”  — Coach Jimmy Wilson

8U Silver – Brennan Lamastro

“Brennan always shows up with a smile on his face and fight in his heart. He steps onto the ice and gives 110% each and every shift. He is a role model both on and off the bench for his perseverance, grit, and positive sportsmanship.”  — Coach Chris Tortorello

8U Bronze – George Norton

“George Norton was a unanimous selection by the Bronze coaching staff for the Ray Murray Award.  His two facial expressions are either a big smile or exhaustion from giving it his all and sometimes both.  Doesn’t quit…Always ready to play hard…Wants to win as a team, not just for himself…Focused during practices and games…Takes feedback well and is easy to coach…Is fun to watch and a joy to coach…Always sets a good example…Is a valued member of the bronze team…A true hockey player.”  — Coach Bob Clark

8U Black – Jake Barter

8U Blue – Joseph Deegan

“On a team of all first-time travel hockey players, Joey immediately displayed and embodied so much of what the Ray Murray Achievement Award is all about.  No matter what position he played, or if it was a practice or a game, Joey showed a tenacious work ethic and pure love of the game.  Joey always led by example in every practice drill, game shift, on the bench or rotation in net.  Joey is extremely coachable with a great team first attitude, always one of the hardest working players on the ice.  Congratulations on an amazing year Joey!”  — Coach Jason Kishbaugh