Inclement weather game cancellation policy


All games are scheduled to be played as initially scheduled.  The Leagues can't predict the weather at all venues and therefore leave all weather-related game rescheduling to the individual organizations and teams at their discretion - remember the safety of the players and families first!

If you are considering canceling a game, please note the following:
  • NO league games may be canceled, before notifying our master scheduler, Stephanie Eick.  She must cancel officials for the game:
  • When contacting Stephanie Eick and your Hockey Director, please provide the following:
    • League Game Number
    • Team Name
    • Reason for Cancellation
  • You must be in contact with your opponent's team manager. Both teams should be in agreement with a game reschedule.
  • Communication is going to be key here, be mindful of all our Leagues' geographic footprint when discussing the weather. Just because there is no flooding, snow, ice or power outages in your area, do not assume that your opponents aren't experiencing less than ideal travel conditions.
  • Please make sure you reach out to your opponent's team manager ahead of time to ensure you have contact information in place to avoid scrambling at the last minute.


Be mindful about rescheduling games before a storm, based on the media weather reports! Do not make cancellations a day before, as weather situations may change.

  • For traveling teams staying at hotels, remember that in some cases the "home" team families will be driving further than the "visiting" team staying closer to the venue.
  • NOTE: NL game slots will be bumped if League games must be made up.  League Schedules take priority!
  • Any weather-related game changes must be rescheduled (not played) within ten days of the initial game date (sooner if your team is heading for playoffs!). Individual teams are responsible for game rescheduling, not the Leagues.
  • Should you have players or coaches required to serve game suspensions in any game(s) canceled, those players and/or coaches must serve their suspensions when the rescheduled game is played. Suspensions are attached to the game, not the date played as per your schedule when the initial infraction occurred.