Updated August 27, 2021


Updated August 27, 2021

  1. Parents and/or guardians must complete LeagueApps health checks prior to every team event.  Automatic emails go out 4-6 hours prior to team event.
  2. Rink protocols regarding masks and entry may vary.  Be prepared and follow directions of building staff.

Mennen has installed a Thermal Imaging System in the front entrance of the building. The Thermal Imaging System has shown to more accurately measure surface skin temperature faster than a typical forehead or oral (mouth) thermometer that requires close distance or physical contact with the person being evaluated.  The system does not determine if someone has COVID-19, it only measures the surface temperature of the individual.

  • The Thermal Imaging System will trigger an audible alarm both in the foyer and in the Main office if someone has a temperature over 100.3 degrees.
  • If an alarm sounds, a staff member will escort the individual(s) to the designated area for notification.
  • If the individual came with others in the same vehicle (parent, child, skater, etc.), the entire group will be asked to wait in the Lobby, while the Staff Member speaks to the individual with the temperature.

The individual can go through the reader one more time.  If the reader still alerts, the individual/group must leave the rink.


Updated August 27, 2021


We encourage players, parents and coaches to stay home if they don’t feel well.  Seek medical advice if you are exhibiting symptoms of the virus.

In the event of a NJC member testing positive for COVID or having been exposed, please follow federal, state and local recommendations for quarantine.

  • If a NJC player/coach or family member tests positive or learns of direct exposure, please contact your Hockey Director immediately.
  • You must follow instructions from the Department of Health or treating physician for quarantine.
  • Positive test results require medical clearance to return to play.

Our core values as an organization are respect for and among our employees and members.  Our goal is to be as transparent as possible in relaying potential exposure.  All teams and members impacted by a positive case will be notified as soon as possible.  However, the identity of members with suspected or confirmed cases of COVID is confidential.

NJC expects all members to disclose positive COVID tests immediately.  Any violations may result in suspension or removal from the organization.  Let’s do our best to keep everyone healthy and safe!