The New Jersey Colonials announce the award recipients for each team in the Girls Tier 1 and Tier 2 programs.


Maddie Schmidt, 19U Major – Girls Charette Award Winner

The “Charette Award,” goes to the outstanding Boys and Girls graduating senior. George Charette was a founder of the Morris County Youth Hockey League and coached for the New Jersey Colonials for many years.

“Maddie has worn a letter on her jersey for multiple seasons at the Colonials, and her captaincy isn’t based solely by her on-ice play. “Schmidtty” is someone her teammates confide in because they know they’ll always get honesty and respect in return. Schmidtty’s decision to attend the University of Wyoming and join the ROTC program reflects her character, leadership and motivation to make the world a better place.“– Coach Brooke Avery

The Donna Guariglia Achievement Award (Girls) goes to players demonstrating the values shown by former Colonial, Donna Guariglia: A strong system of values; hard work; determination; team spirit; good sportsmanship and self-discipline were selected by their coaches.

Donna Guariglia was a driving force in bringing Girls/Women’s hockey to the New Jersey Colonials.  She grew up in a hockey family, spent a lifetime actively involved as a player, parent and advocate.  Donna currently sits on the Board of Directors for USA Hockey.  She served as the President of MAWHA and USA Hockey Section Director for Girls’/ Women’s Hockey.


19U Major – Abby Kauffman

“Abby’s dedication to the Colonials program and determination to grow as an athlete are what set her apart from the rest. Her commute to practice is over 4 hours round-trip, and often travels further to games – yet she never complains and has never missed a team function.  Soft-spoken by nature, Abby instead leads by example with her on and off ice play, and always does so with a smile. Abby’s warm demeanor and outstanding character will lead her to success in her future.”– Coach Brooke Avery

16U Major – Ava Zeuner

“Ava exemplifies what it means to be a student-athlete and an award winner for 16U Major. Ava strives to get better everyday, always brings a positive attitude, demonstrates her leadership day in and day out, and always puts the team first. Ava is a delightful athlete and fun to coach. This award is well deserved and the 16U Coaching Staff is proud of everything Ava has accomplished thus-far! – Coach Kristen Barbara

16U Minor – Cameron Coates

“Cameron is a valued team member where she has demonstrated a genuine caring for her peers and a team-first mindset both on and off the ice. Cameron is a well-respected young person of high integrity who puts everything into the tasks she undertakes, has an unwavering sense of right and wrong, and has a solid commitment to doing the best job possible. Despite the many distractions prevalent in society today, Cameron continues to maintain her own sense of purpose and strive for her goals. Cameron is an asset to the New Jersey Colonials and one of the best we offer as a program. – Coach Ryan Carter

14U Major – Maren Pitts

“The Donna Guariglia Achievement Award is awarded to a player that shows a strong system of values; hard work; determination; team spirit; good sportsmanship and self-discipline. Maren resembles all of these qualities. She leads by example and does whatever it takes to show up and compete at every practice and game. Her leadership and hard work had a huge impact on the team this season.” – Coach Emily Janiga

14U Minor – Vivienne Pizzimenti

“Vivienne is the epitome of a dedicated and principled hockey player. Her presence on the ice is not defined solely by her ability but rather by her unwavering commitment to improving as a hockey player and the team’s success. Vivienne’s determination is palpable, driving her to push through challenges and setbacks with unwavering resolve. On and off the ice, she’s the first to arrive and the last to leave, putting in countless hours of practice to hone her skills and elevate her game. Her work ethic is infectious, inspiring teammates to match her dedication and drive. – Coach Meghan Cassidy

12U Major – Grace Taylor

“Grace is a true ambassador for the U12 Tier 1 team as well as the NJ Colonials.  Grace is always there for the team and is friends with all players.  Grace embodies what Donna would have considered a true Colonial. – Coach Todd Drevitch

12U Minor – Meredith Gangl

“Hard work, determination, team spirit, good sportsmanship and self-discipline doesn’t even begin to describe the kind of player Meredith is. She is a driven athlete who always pushes herself to be better than her personal best. She plays with an immense amount of heart which is infectious to her teammates. Her dedication to her team and to the game is unmatched. It has been an absolute pleasure coaching you this season! – Coach Melissa Stys

10U Major – Alyssa Kishbaugh

“Alyssa is a consummate player.  On a team full of excellent athletes she pushes herself day in and day out to be a better version of herself. Thoughtful questions are asked and then executed.  She is liked by everyone and a player I can rely on in all situations. – Coach Nicole Zajac

10U Major – Sawyer Thrun

“Sawyer has met and surpassed all expectations in her first year as a full time goalie. She shows up each day ready to work hard. Sawyer is consistently in a positive mood and a pleasure to be around as a coach. She encourages her teammates, stops the puck, puts extra work in, and all this with a smile on her face. Coach Nicole Zajac

10U Minor – Arwen Cavanagh

“Arwen is a player that gives her full effort every time she steps on the ice. She puts the team first and supports her teammates on and off the ice.” – Coach Jeff Dugan

8U Red – Ella Chandler

“Ella brought a lot of energy to each practice and game. She worked hard and always tried whatever the coaches were teaching her and was one of the most noticeable players every time she hit the ice. Although this was the first year with the program, she quickly became a great teammate and friend to all of the players. -Coach Rich Fuchs Ella always shows up for practices and games ready to work hard. She sets a great example for her teammates with her competitiveness and effort every time she steps on the ice. -Coach Mike Cavanagh Ella has a great work ethic and understands when it’s time to focus and give her best effort.  At the same time, she is a tremendous teammate and a good friend to her whole team.” – Coach Mike Scali

8U White – Francesca Villapiano

“Francesca, ‘Frankie’, has been a consummate team player all year. Happily playing every position and bringing a smile to her teammates and coaches everyday. She works hard every time she is on the ice and is a friend to all.” – Coach Nicole Zajac