2021-22 NJC 18U/16U AA AWARDS


The New Jersey Colonials proudly announce the 18U AA and 16U AA Team Award Recipients for the 2021-22 short season.

Eddie Karpinski is the Boys 2021-22 George Charette Award recipient.  The “Charette Award,” goes to the outstanding Boys and Girls graduating senior. George Charette was a founder of the Morris County Youth Hockey League and coached for the New Jersey Colonials for many years.

18U AA – Eddie Karpinski

“A tremendous young man and leader, Eddie has been a New Jersey Colonial his entire youth career.  It began at the Mite level in 2010-2011 and concluded with the last three years of back-to-back-to-back playoff runs at the 16AA and 18AA level. In this day in age, it is truly remarkable for a player to stick with one club for their entire youth playing career. In total, Eddie spent 11 years with the club, winning the Ray Murray Achievement Award in 2014 and again in 2015. He lead all defensemen in scoring in the NJYHL in his final year at 18AA recording 35 points while adding 10 goals.

Eddie is recognized as the most outstanding graduating senior in the club and has contributed many outstanding years to the Colonials as a player.  His values, commitment and leadership are all reasons why he is deserving of this award. “Eddie has been a great asset to this club over the years and always brought a sense of hard work, accountability and leadership to his teams. He is one of the most coachable players I have had the opportunity of working with and did whatever was expected of him each and every game. He is a player you cannot replace and will be greatly missed. I wish him nothing but the best as he moves into the next chapter of his career.”” – Coach Brendon Herr

James Royse (18U AA) and Kyle Piechnik (16U AA) earned Ray Murray honors.  The Ray Murray Achievement Award (Boys) goes to players demonstrating the values shown by former Colonial, Ray Murray: hard work, determination, team spirit, good sportsmanship, discipline, and leadership were selected by their coaches.  Ray Murray, was a founding member of the New Jersey Colonials who served as a coach and Board Member.   He was a prominent figure in New Jersey hockey, having started the Morris County Colonials.   Ray embodied the true essence of sportsmanship and promoted strong personal values that serve as the foundation for this award.


18U AA – James Royse

“Well deserving of this award, James exemplifies what this award stands for along with the values that Ray Murray believed in himself as a coach. James has played at the Tier 1 level for the New Jersey Colonials and also played Tier 2 at the 18AA level for his final two seasons of youth hockey under coaches Brendon Herr and Mike Braviak. “James has been a tremendous player for us the last two years, but more importantly, an even better person to work with. He has an unbelievable work ethic, both on and off the ice and was a player that set an example for his teammates. His leadership was a big part of our success the last two seasons, making it to the NJYHL playoffs both years and we cant thank him enough for that. We wish him nothing but the best moving forward in his academic and athletic career and he will certainly be missed next season.”– Coach Brendon Herr

16U AA – Kyle Piechnik

“Kyle served as a valued leader for the New Jersey Colonials 16AA team, where he demonstrated a true caring for his team, and a commitment to a team first mindset. Kyle is well respected by his teammates, the coaching staff, and our opponents. Throughout the season, Kyle could always be counted on as an individual.

He has an unwavering sense of right and wrong, and a strong commitment to doing the best job he possibly can, and a work ethic that has enabled him to achieve both individual and team goals. Kyle is a young man of high integrity and standards who puts everything into the tasks he unde1takes. Kyle is a top-notch individual and one of the ve1y best the New Jersey Colonials have to offer.” – Coach Ryan Carter