The New Jersey Colonials officially close out the 2021-22 season by announcing the award recipients for each team in the Girls Tier 1 and Tier 2 programs.


Eileen Kilkeary, 19U Major AAA – Girls Charette Award Winner

The “Charette Award,” goes to the outstanding Boys and Girls graduating senior. George Charette was a founder of the Morris County Youth Hockey League and coached for the New Jersey Colonials for many years.


The Donna Guariglia Achievement Award (Girls) goes to players demonstrating the values shown by former Colonial, Donna Guariglia: A strong system of values; hard work; determination; team spirit; good sportsmanship and self-discipline were selected by their coaches.

Donna Guariglia was a driving force in bringing Girls/Women’s hockey to the New Jersey Colonials.  She grew up in a hockey family, spent a lifetime actively involved as a player, parent and advocate.  Donna currently sits on the Board of Directors for USA Hockey.  She served as the President of MAWHA and USA Hockey Section Director for Girls’/ Women’s Hockey.


19U Major – Sophia Navarro

“Sophia resembles all the qualities of former Colonials President Donna Guariglia, strong system of values; hard work; determination; team spirit; good sportsmanship and self-discipline. Her passion and compete level every time she steps on the ice is unmatched. Her leadership and hard work had a huge impact on the team this season and will be missed next year. She’s been a pleasure to coach and we wish her the best of luck at college.”– Coach Emily Janiga

16U Major – Kailin Kane

“Kailin Kane has continued to shine throughout every game and every practice this past season. Kailin is a natural leader and strives for excellence every time she is at the rink, and expects the same from her teammates. As a coaching staff, it was a pleasure to coach Kailin this past season and watch her grow, not only on the ice but off the ice as well. – Coach Kristen Barbara

16U Minor – Katie McCaffrey

“Katie is the kind of player who will do whatever is asked of her.  She is not only an incredibly coachable player, she is a wonderful teammate.  She is kind, positive, uplifting and a competitor.  She is adored by her teammates and her coaches.  I believe much of our success this season comes from what Katie brings to our team.  Thank you for everything!  – Coach Gina Arnone

14U Major Red – Elle Pothacamury

“Elle P has been a great asset to our NJ Colonials family this year. She came to the rink with a great attitude, is a hard worker and a joy to have around the team. She is respectful and knows when it’s time to go to work. On the ice Elle does what she’s asked every shift and is willing to do whatever it takes for her team to succeed! – Coach Dennis Crothers


14U Major Blue – Emerson Murphy

“Emerson Murphy is such a positive person and player. She worked hard at every practice and game and brought the locker room up. She’s funny and caring and an all around great teammate. She was a pleasure to coach.  – Coach Kate Whitman-Annis

14U Minor White – Isabella Knapp

“Izzy is the type of player that is constantly seeking opportunities to improve. She is someone that always arrives at the rink ready to give her all. Over the course of the season, I have watched her grow.  She always treats her teammates, coaches, and opponents with respect. – Coach Meghan Cassidy

12U Major – Simone Claps

“Simone is a positive team player who excels at both D and F.  She is always hard working and  friendly/friends with every player on the team.  A strong presence on and off the ice. – Coach Todd Drevitch

12U Minor – Lia Carroll

“Lia is a player that works hard on both sides of the puck. She is relentless on the forecheck and back-check and never gives up on a play.  Lia puts the team’s goals first and does everything she can to help her team. – Coach Jeff Dugan

10U Major – Caitlyn Choi

10U Minor – Quinn Gifis

“The Donna Guariglia Achievement Award is awarded to a player that shows a strong system of values; hard work; determination; team spirit; good sportsmanship and self-discipline. Quinn truly embodies all of these qualities. She was a natural leader for our team this season and always brought a positive attitude to the rink.  Quinn works extremely hard not only for herself but for the overall success of her team. She leads by example and does whatever it takes to support her teammates. It has truly been an honor watching Quinn grow into the player she has become today!”  — Coach Melissa Stys


8U Red – Alyssa Kishbaugh

“From the first day of tryouts, to the last game of the season, Alyssa has led our team on and off the ice. During tryouts she greeted the new players like they had been there forever. Alyssa is not only the hardest working player on the team, but she is a natural captain who leads by example and is always looking out for her teammates.  Alyssa works hard in practice and she is determined in each game.  She looks for the pass on the ice, is unselfish, and is never down on the bench. Alyssa’s talent is unmatched. She’s an elite skater, sees the ice well, and is a natural goal scorer. Beyond all that, Alyssa’s work ethic and positive attitude inspires her teammates. She has been a big sister, mentor and inspiration from the first day to the last day. As a coach it was such a pleasure to have her and see her lead the team; as a father of a younger player on the team I say it all the time – I am so grateful they were on the team together as teammates and to have such a great friend to look up to.”  — Assistant Coach Brock Giordano

8U White – Katherine Bozza